Eternally broke indie dev.

I like to tell people it means, that I’m still hustling to survive. It actually refers to the importance I’ve placed on work–life balance.

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I build houses to pay the bills.

I actually have 13 years experience in the construction industry. Something that randomly started after helping my brother in-law build an extension to his house. I have also worked for 3 years as a secondary school teacher, but don’t hold that against me.


I build web and mobile apps to pay for beer.

With 20 years experience at all levels of the software industry, I realised early on that, unless I self-funded upskilling with the newest technologies each year, I’d just be another cog in the wheel. Instead of being a master of none, I’ve decided to focus on things that interest me. I’m writing childrens books for under 5’s. I’m spending time refining my graphic design skills. I’m designing and making furniture. All these things, as you might imagine, aren’t always financially beneficial.


I’m a digital ghost

As a child of the 70’s, and having experienced the Internet wild times of the 90’s, managing my digital life to mitigate the sheer amount of damage a dedicated attacker can do has been paramount. Besides, there’s more to life than ones and zeros.


Gifted in everything I set my mind to

As you’ve probably grasped by now, I love to create. I don’t class my self as a software engineer or a carpenter. I’m a craftsman … and life long learner.

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