This is my current time-waster, based on the NZQA documents Ref0016 and Ref2738.
An idea to access every piece of carpentry knowledge, required by the NZ construction industry, via a chat bot.

I see this as being handy for both carpentry apprentices and old hands.


I was threatened with legal action by Walgreens, because I built this literally within days of Facebook opening their Messenger platform to the public.
It’s basically a pure Facebook Messenger version of the Printicular product, written in JavaScript and powered by Node.js.

I may republish this once their policy catches up with the rest of the universe. But if you would like to make your own Walgreens print chat bot, check my log book. I’ve provided code snippets for accessing their API via Node.js.



I’ve been looking for ways to increase, not only my language skills, but those of my children for many years. This is my latest attempt.

A refreshingly simple game, easy to pick up, and a great way to learn Māori Cook Islands words.


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